Decreasing Energy Manufacturing Flooring

Today, energy use is a primary environmental concern and a significant financial issue. Most manufacturers are dependent on fossil fuels in their operations. But we’re proud to note that Shaw Floors—one of our company’s key suppliers— has developed a number of innovative energy-saving processes that reduce fuel and electricity use.

Shaw Floors saves energy in multiple ways, including:

· Converting waste to energy - 2.5 million gallons of fuel a year saved in one manufacturing plant

· Recovering heat from waste water - 380 billion BTU saved, the energy equivalent needed to run thousands of homes for a year

Shaw’s waste-to-energy (WTE) facility converts carpet and wood waste (about 18,000 tons a year) to steam energy through a process called gasification. The facility:

· Produces, from waste, energy that would otherwise come from fossil fuels

· Sends less solid waste to landfills

· Saves over 2.5 million gallons of fuel a year in just one of over 60 manufacturing site

While impressive in its scale, Shaw’s waste-to-energy program is one of dozens of energy-saving projects throughout its manufacturing plants.

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