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Treat Your Floors Right!

3 Top Ways to Choose the Perfect Hardwood Floor Installer for Your Hackensack Home

Choosing hardwood floor installer

The first rule of flooring installation is not to hire yourself to do the job. Sorry, but this is the type of task that's better suited for industry professionals.

Hardwood flooring is known for being stunning; however, if you DIY the job, it's likely to turn out less than stellar. That means you need to hire a reputable installer for your home, but who?

There are plenty of company names that populate when you search online for a local flooring store, so how do you choose one? How can you get the most bang for your buck and the best long-term results for your flooring install job?

Understanding the Phases of an Installation Job

For flooring installation, there are a few main phases for each project.

  • Measurements
  • Price Estimate
  • Choosing an Installer
  • Flooring Delivery
  • Installation

As with any job for your home that requires a contractor, the first steps are about getting a quote. A professional will want as much information as possible to provide a more exact price.

In fact, if you measure your own floor, you may find that your numbers are smaller than the installers that you interview. That's because a professional allows room for an overage amount - better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cutting hardwood.

Keep in mind that your choice shouldn't be based on which company is the cheapest. Low rates often mean the contractor lacks experience in giving estimates, and the price will be higher once the job is completed.

It could also mean the flooring contractor doesn't value their work, so why should you. Or, the trickiest approach is a company that offers low quotes but then charges extra for all the details you assumed were included.

Savvy homeowners know to look for excellent value, which is a high-quality service for an affordable price. To have long-term success with your flooring, it starts by finding the right company for the job.

The Team With Your Floors in Mind

It should come as no surprise that Carpet World Flooring Center has been earning the local leader's title for flooring installation, time, and time again. We've been in the flooring game for over 50 years.

We're a family-owned and operated company, and we treat our customers like extended family members. When you need flooring for your home or business, think of our team.

Make the call today and get the flooring installation for the hardwood that your Hackensack home deserves.


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