Mohawk Smartstrand

Triexta, The Newest Fiber on the Flooring Market


On March 20th, 2009 the Federal Trade commission amended Commission rule 7(c) of the Textile Fiber Products Identification act, creating the subclass of fibers made from polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) within the definition of polyester[source].FCslide3.png

DUPONT and Mohawk flooring partnered to sell carpeting manufactured using DUPONT Sorona[source], a brand name for Triexta, naming the carpet Smartstrand. Smartstrand carpet is not coated like similar carpets and is extremely resistant to mating and crushing. Mohawk went as far as carpeting the inside of Max the rhino’s pen with Mohawk Smartstrand and a competitive nylon carpet for two weeks, which destroyed the nylon carpet under the weight and soil, while after a cleaning the smartstrand carpet was soil free and undamaged by the 5,400 pound rhinoceros[source]. So to put it very simply Mohawk Smartstrand is a very durable, long lasting, stain resistant product with a price point comparable to other ordinary carpets. When choosing carpet, Smartstrand by Mohawk is one of the best options for you.

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