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Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Scraped Hardwood Flooring originated in the early 1600s, when a carpenter would refinish wood floors by hand, using hand planes, chisels, and cabinet scrapers, leading to a texture of smooth gouges and divets in the flooring, creating a rustic appeal.  Soon thereafter the rough appearance became an art form with master craftsmen using the defects in their work to draw out the beauty of the wood grain.  With the advent of suburban homes in the 1950s saw mass produced hardwood flooring begin to appear in many homes being built, and with this demand, came new manufacturing technology that produced smooth, level, "piano finished" hardwoods.  This led to a decline in old handscraping techniques.  Nowadays as people desire more unique aspects in their living spaces, Scraped hardwood is made by special machines by a few companies for the mass market as well as by artisain carpenters for people desiring actual handcrafted flooring.  Armstrong American Scrape, for example uses a proprietary technique for randomly scraping the boards, leading to no to boards being the same.


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