LifeGuard Waterproof Carpet

Shaw's Lifeguard™ Carpet Backing Explained

Shaw's Lifeguard™ Carpet Backing is a commercial grade thermoplastic carpet backing that prevents liquids from penetrating the carpeting and into the subfloor below.  It is manufactured into the carpet, between the backing and the fibers.  As a matter of fact, all of Shaw's Lifeguard™ Carpet materials come treated with R2X™ Stain repellant technology and is applied to the fibers during the manufacturing process rather than sprayed on afterwards like Scotchguard, or engineered into the material itself like Smartstrand. However, that doesn't really tell you much unless you make carpets for a living. So why is Shaw putting this in their carpet?  The answer is simple. When something is spilled on wall to wall carpeting, you can only clean the side of the carpeting you stand on, but if the spill sits for long enough, it will soak through the carpeting and into the padding and subfloor below, leaving moisture and possibly smells trapped where you can't clean them easily.  Shaw’s Lifeguard™ Carpet Backing forms a water tight backing that prevents the liquids from penetrating through the carpet.  This simple and innovative solution is very effective. To show just how effective, a carpet made using Shaw's Lifeguard Carpet was used by a carpet dealer in Texas to create a pool!


The carpet was inserted into a metal frame and then filled with 25,000 lbs. of water, and performed as you would expect a pool liner to perform. Needless to say, Lifeguard™ carpet is a great option for areas of your home that are prone to water exposure. Stop in to Carpet World and see our selection!


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