Asbestos and what it means to you

Asbestos is a fibrous naturally occurring category of silicates containing six distinct types of materials - crocidolite, chrysotile, tremolite, actinolite, anthophyllite, and amosite. Asbestos has been used for centuries in everything from pottery and clothing, to boatbuilding and insulation, but it wasn’t until the early 2000's that we understood all the dangers of asbestos and how hazardous it truly is.  Asbestos is renowned for its’ flame resistant properties and can only be set on fire and burned by a very powerful oxidizer such as chlorine trifluoride, which can set fire to things we think of as non-flammable such as water and bricks. These powerful properties led to asbestos being used in applications that needed inexpensive fireproofing.


For our purposes, we are predominantly concerned with the outdated Vinyl Asbestos Tile and the glue that was used to adhere the tiles down - both of which contained asbestos.  Luckily, as long as these tiles remain unbroken, the risk of exposure to harmful airborne asbestos fibers remains very low.  Asbestos was also used in insulation, ceiling tiles, and other areas in the home.  As a general rule of thumb if it crumbles under light pressure you shouldn't be around it, and definitely shouldn't inhale it.  While modern products don't contain asbestos, any dust can be harmful if inhaled.  As such, mitigation of asbestos should be left to licensed and highly trained LWD-licensed asbestos abatement contractors.  The New Jersey Department of Health has an extensive site detailing with all asbestos related procedures and laws applying in New Jersey and can be found here


If tiles are undamaged a licensed flooring contractor may carefully encapsulate the Vinyl Asbestos Tile under a layer of cement and then overlay flooring.  Here at Carpet World Flooring Center we are able to encapsulate your undamaged Vinyl Asbestos Tile before the installation of the flooring of your choice.  Give us a call and we can let you know if we can help you.

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