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Flooring for your bathroom



having hardwood flooring in the bathroom, while possible, is not the best idea. ordinary hardwood will expand and contract until it buckles and breaks from the constant moisture, making it almost impossible to have hardwood in a bathroom with a shower or bath. in a half bathroom it is quite simple and can be an attractive option. if you are really dead set on having hardwood as your bathroom flooring, a good quality engineered hardwood is the way to go, as long as you can commit to proper maintenance.


luxury vinyl plank and tile

lvp and lvt make great options for bathrooms: as they comparable to tile in resistance to water damage, install much faster than tile and can be changed with ease. a floating luxury vinyl floor can be removed in less than a day with basic hand tools, while tile requires demolition. luxury vinyl, however, tends to not look as good as hardwood and doesn't feel as permanent as tile.


if you really want carpet in your bathroom more power to you, but its probably not the best idea, as water will seep under the carpet and can mildew sub floors. carpet is also much harder to maintain in a wet bathroom setting


tile is strong durable and not all that expensive, but takes considerable time to install. tile is also prone to chipping, and grout can be difficult to clean. tile has been the long time standard for bathrooms, but is not the only option.


Vinyl sheet vinyl is a perfect option for floors as far as performance goes, but lacks quite a bit in terms of form. Vinyl is installed in one solid sheet and is very durable in wet conditions. its appearance is lacking in many ways, and is best suited for bathrooms that are being rebuilt on a budget, or in a low use bathroom where appearances don't need to be as pristine.

so what are my options

for high traffic bathrooms, choose luxury vinyl or tile. here at carpet world we do not carry tile, but we can recommend a quality installer for you. we do carry a large selection of luxury vinyl plank and tile, and can have your new bathroom floors installed for you by our professional staff. for low traffic bathrooms, you can't beat Vinyl floorings cost, ease of cleaning, and durability.


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