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Treat Your Floors Right!

Epoxy Flooring Will Transform Your North New Jersey Basement, Garage, Or Concrete Floors With A Unique & Durable Finish

Epoxy flooring

Taking good care of your home means finding the right expert for jobs like epoxy flooring. So, you'll be glad to know that Carpet World Flooring Center is the perfect place to get superior service from flooring store specialists.

The work we do with epoxy flooring is unsurpassed, and our 50-year history in the flooring business could have something to do with it. We're a family-owned and operated company, and that means we strive each day to be better at what we do.

Epoxy Floors for Your Business or Home

At Carpet World Flooring Center, we take care of flooring installation for both residential and commercial customers. Although epoxy flooring tends to be more popular with commercial clients, for spaces like showrooms, it's quickly becoming just as common for residential homes.

It's vital that you choose the right installation team, and they should have qualifications such as:

  • Training and Skills
  • Plenty of Experience
  • Work in Both Residential and Commercial Settings
  • Portfolio of Prior Work
  • Good Value Pricing

Keep in mind; not all floor installers are the same. Being phenomenal at carpet or hardwood installation doesn't automatically mean they'll be able to master epoxy.

It's an entirely different type of flooring job. We're so popular for this type of work that we've demonstrated our skills and established ourselves as local experts.

There's no reason to take chances when it comes to the quality of work that goes into your epoxy floor. Shoddy work leads to an unsaved facility, voided warranty, or paying more to fix the job.

Reaping the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

All of this has been assuming that you already have your mind made up; that you know the perks of epoxy in the first place. In case you haven't yet learned about epoxy, here's a partial list of the benefits of this type of flooring:

  • Hide Blemishes
  • Safety With Better Visibility
  • Easy to Clean
  • Beautiful Color Options
  • Damage Resistance

Whether it's your personal garage at home or a showroom for your business, you'll be pleased with the choice you make about installing epoxy floors. There's no reason to settle for the lackluster grey of a basic concrete floor.

We're the specialists who believe in bringing an end to the boring floor! Even if your floor is considered functional, it doesn't have to be dull.

Get in touch with us now to help you make the most of your epoxy flooring.

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If you are looking for expert epoxy flooring services, then please call 201-265-1122 or complete our online request form.