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Carpet World Flooring Center isn't just about carpet - our hardwood selection is above and beyond the best as well. We're the superior flooring store, and hardwood flooring is one of our specialties.

We're committed to excellence, and that means having the best quality materials, the widest selection of options, and superior customer service. Our vast assortment of stunning hardwoods is a surefire way to find the ideal look for your home.

Plus, our experienced sales staff will help ensure that you find the right selection of hardwood flooring. With over five decades of experience in the industry, there's a reason we're still around and a leader in the industry.


Top Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring


Choosing to use hardwood flooring over an alternate option like a vinyl plank isn't always easy. The primary goal of what you're trying to achieve is one of the determining factors that will help you make a choice.

However, it's also essential to know about the benefits of the flooring material you're considering. Some of the top advantages of hardwood are:

  • Touch of Elegance
  • Natural Beauty
  • Long-Lasting
  • Cost-Effective
  • Ideal for Better Air Quality
  • Easy to Clean

The list goes on from there. Although the upfront cost is higher for projects that involve multiple rooms done in hardwood, it's not a choice to regret.

Once you see the luxurious, elegant look of your completed hardwood floors, you'll be glad you made the choice that you did. You'll be especially glad you decided to partner with our pros at Carpet World Flooring Center.

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But Wait, There's More

Narrowing down your selection to hardwood flooring is only part of the process. You still have variable factors to shop from, such as color, finish, and wood type.

The details that are involved with the selection process are based on factors like:

  • Grains
  • Plank Width
  • Amount of Gloss in Finish
  • Amount of Required Maintenance
  • Interior Design Style

The completed look of your wood flooring can vary wildly, depending on so many of these factors. Wood can look perfect in every setting, as long as you make the right choices in the details.

For instance, a pewter finish makes for the perfect wood floor in modern style home. However, for something more classic, this wouldn't work at all.

That's why you have our team of experienced pros ready to help you navigate through the process. From there, we'll also provide you with expert installation.

Call us today, and let's get started with your hardwood flooring.