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5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring for Your Paramus Home

Choose laminate flooring

At one time, mentioning the word laminate when talking flooring and a homeowner would cringe. It was more of a necessary evil for kitchen flooring, functional but cheap looking.

The industry has seen such significant changes in the past decades regarding flooring types, especially laminates. In recent years, the most drastic changes have even caused this to become a highly popular flooring choice.

To ever imagine there would be a time when laminate would be in demand is a true testament to how far this material has come. Before you make a final choice about your residential flooring, why not take a new look at an old material that's now more commonly used.

What Makes Laminate Such a Great Choice

Ask any reputable flooring store, and they'll agree that laminate is an ideal choice for flooring material. Some top reasons for that are:

  • Pet and Child Friendly

    Few flooring materials can take the abuse that pets and kids can dish out, and still hold up so well. Even if you don't use laminate throughout your entire house, use it in high-traffic hotspots.

  • Perfect for Moisture

    Rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen can be a challenge for finding the right materials for details like flooring and window treatments. Humid conditions warp and rot real wood, but laminate is up for the job.

  • Easy to Install

    Although you should still contract a professional to handle your installation, a material that's easy to install will cost you less in labor and take less time. Both the materials and the installation will be on the lower end of the pricing spectrum.

  • Stunning Good Looks

    Even though laminate was once terribly tacky, it was forgiven because of its durability. Now, you get good looks and high performance.

  • Better Longevity

    Another issue is that even though laminate has always been durable, it didn't always last that long. Gone are the days you have to worry about curling edges and cracks before it should be time.

It Starts With the Right Team

Your laminate floors are only as good as the flooring company you work with. At Carpet World Flooring Center, we promise to deliver superior quality in all that we do.

We work with the best manufacturers in the business to offer exceptional products. Combine that with our ability to provide skilled installation, and it's no wonder we're considered among the best in the industry. You'll love the job we do for your Paramus (bold) home, so call today to schedule your home or commercial installation.


If you are considering laminate flooring, then please call 201-265-1122 or complete our online request form.